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Massage as a Healthcare Modality

A growing number of people recognize the benefits of massage, not just as a form of relaxation, pampering, and indulgence but as a healthcare modality. After all, massage therapists go through extensive training and certification to understand the human body and how varying degrees of pressure and movement manipulating the body’s soft tissues like muscles, tendons, and ligaments can affect those areas.

Mayo Clinic says that massage is now considered part of integrative medicine because it’s used for a wide range of medical conditions. Studies indicate that massage benefits include stress reduction, reduction of muscle tension, and improved immune function.

At Mayo Clinic, medical professionals may recommend massage therapy to help people cope with the pain and stress of various conditions, such as acute pain, heart disease, stomach problems, or fibromyalgia. There are many types of massage techniques, or modalities, which trigger different responses in the body to help adults with varying ailments. 2022 is likely to see increased awareness of massage therapy as a complementary form of healthcare.

Here are a few recommendations from a massage therapist:

  • find a therapist that you connect with.

  • find a therapist that has several modalities to offer.

  • not all massage modalities require that the client undress.

  • be comfortable talking with your massage therapist, questions are important.

  • how quickly do they respond to a text or email?

  • pay in advance, keep money out of the equation.

  • do they keep notes

  • do they sit and review at beginning and end of session

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